Doors is a first person logic puzzle game. Gameplay is very simple: navigate strange environments using logic to determine safe paths. When the player is confronted with a choice of multiple doors, he or she must use logic to determine which doors lead to safety, and which doors lead to death.

The puzzles are fairly easy at first; at the beginning it only takes the player a few seconds of logical thinking to decide which door should be chosen. However as the player progresses, puzzles become more difficult as the number of doors to choose from increases. The game concludes with mind-bending puzzles that ultimately reward the player with precious bacon.

For example, early in the game the player must choose between two doors. On each door is a sign that tells the player something about what the doors lead to. However, the player is told that only one of the two doors is correct.

On the first door is a sign that says: "This door leads to bacon. The other door leads to death."

On the second door is a sign that says: "One of these doors leads to bacon. The other door leads to death."

Given that only one of these two doors is correct, the player must determine which door leads to bacon and which door leads to death. Puzzles throughout the game build on this premise and become gradually more complicated.


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