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Doors is a short, atmospheric first person logic game created by a one-man-team. Taking inspiration from Limbo and The Stanley Parable, Doors attempts to bring something new to the puzzle genre.


"It's like Portal meets The Stanley Parable meets a rubber platypus from Mongolia."

- Nobody

"10/10 it has bacon."

- Random person from the internet



Doors is a first person logic game where your sole purpose is to traverse a strange world in search of bacon. Everything is based on one simple concept; use logic to determine where you will go. Be careful - some doors lead to bacon, while others lead to death. You will be tested - but you will stop at nothing to achieve the ultimate reward in life: Bacon, and maybe begin to understand where you are... and why.

This is a short indie game developed by a one-man-team. Inspired by Limbo, The Stanley Parable, and the Portal Series, Doors attempts to bring something new to the puzzle genre.

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Release Date: February 12, 2016
Platforms: Steam - Windows, Mac



June 8: Greenlit in under 6 days!

Doors has received great feedback on Steam Greenlight. The game reached a ranking of #12 before getting Greenlit in less than 6 days! Thanks to everyone who voted. Keep an eye open in the coming months for a new trailer and eventual Steam release!

Press Kit

If you're looking for a press kit, click here.